4th December 2006 update - we are currently building our gallery pages and you will start to see them appear over the next few days.

5th December 2006 update - You'll all be pleased to know that with all of this heavy rain  our drainage works (thanks to Alan).........and we can flush with confidence that it will go away and not come back to haunt us.

Don't forget, there are just 16 shopping days left until Christmas!

The en-suite fittings have all been delivered now.

Steve and Carl the tilers are booked in again for next Friday to finish tiling the en-suite.

Phil the Plumber will be fitting the en suite second fix next week. 

Tony and Craig the Electricians have threatened to come back again in the next couple of weeks to fit some outside lights down the drive and to finish off the second fix electrics in the en-suite.

Lodgers (a pair of field mice) have moved in with Spotty and Blue the daftest of our hens.

6th December update - we had a bit of a crisis earlier on today when for some reason we completely and permanently lost all of the pages for the site. We did managed to retrieve the basic page layouts from our host server but this meant that we had to re-build all of the pages properly again. Let us know if you spot any errors.

15th December update - we have been asked by a number of friends if we could put some more recent pictures of Well Cottage in the gallery now that we are actually living in the house so that people can see what the "almost finished" house looks like. We have put up a new gallery page titled "Moving in to Well Cottage" back in May 2006, the pictures are from then so the house was really still just a  building site at the time and over the next few days we will put some more gallery pages with pictures showing the house as it is now so keep popping back.

21st December update - Steve and Carl have been and completed the tiling in the en-suite, Phil has come and plumbed in the suite (oh what fun we had with the shower doors), and Craig and Tony the electricians can and finished off the electrics in the en-suite and put up some outside lights so we're sort of all set for Christmas, we just need to do the usual food shopping now!

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