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Oak timbers - Part 1

Before restoration work has started

Some pictures of the oak timbers in the old barn as it originally was and in its various stages of being dismantled.

You can see that the oak timbers were all quite dull and green from being weathered
and aged from being in the barn for perhaps a couple of hundered years or so.





 Some pictures of the fully fitted kitchen provided for us (well dumped actually) by the people we bought the barn from, and featuring a comprehensive range of the very latest in high tech kitchen appliances which they no longer had a need for themselves and thoughtfully 
considered that we would perhaps be able to find a use them!

There were some real little gems such as a wonderful cracked fish tank, a collection of fine antique washing machines, the majority of a rusted lawn mower lawnmower, empty old gas bottles, a broken old window frame, (it's almost like the Generation Game conveyor belt)..... and we just can't understand why they didn't ask us to pay something for them?