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 Monty on his first day with us and
looking a bit lost

Most of you will know and have met our dog Sam, especially anyone who has worked on our house. In fact Sam vets people now, he likes our plumber Phil, Tony and Craig the electricians, Steve and Carl (and Steve's son) the tilers, Alan the digger driver and Kristoff the plasterer, but if he doesn't like someone we don't ask them back. Sam loves anyone coming to the house to do work and with the main part of the building work now completed he's become a bit bored with no visitors, especially because he doesn't meet any other dogs now either when he is off running around the fields on his walks so we decided that it was now time for us to get Sam a friend.......and here is Monty!



Sam introducing Monty to "his" hens and showing where the best places are to hunt for mice

Like Sam Monty is a rescue dog, he has come from the Dogs Trust rescue home at Roden near Shrewsbury, we don't know much about his past other than he is about 7 years old, he came from Rotherham where he was picked up as a stray by the dog wardens there and Rotherham like many other local authorities have a policy of destroying stray dogs if not claimed within 7 days, so the Dogs Trust take as many of these stray dogs from Rotherham as they can to save them. 


Monty is a cream Labrador, he's a bit of a bottom of the pile dog, his legs all look like they are from different models of dog, he is a bit squished looking, he has a kink in his tail where it was once broken and his teeth are not in very good condition, but he is a great dog, very friendly if a bit clumsy and he loves his squeaky toys too. When you come home he always greets you with at least two of them crammed into his mouth.


Sam likes Monty and they get on fine together, no fights although Sam is definitely the boss and shows off, but Monty can look after himself and he has a bark like a Great Dane. There are no arguments over food, they both just run to each others bowls just to see if the other one has anything better to eat and Sam does pinch Monty's biscuits if Monty hasn't eaten them all.


Sam and Monty out for a walk together

If you want you can email Monty: Monty@well-cottage.org