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Kitchen fitting out

Getting the kitchen fitted out and completed was probably the most important of the rooms for us to do.

However, because we spend most of our time in it and obviously use it to cook and eat in this also presents it's own problems when having any work done.

When we first moved into the house there was no real kitchen, just the AGA and nothing else but bare plaster walls, we did have a kitchen sink in the the utility room so at least we could cook, but it was a bit basic. To make it more practical we used the two old desks from my music studio as kitchen worktops and this did mean that we could keep things off of the floor.


 Alison in the kitchen with rugs covering the screed and the old desks as worktops 

We have underfloor heating thoughout the house, this is covered with a concrete screed which until it is covered is very dusty and you only have to look at the floor and a cloud of dust appears and settles on everything so we put some rugs down as a temporary measure just to keep the dust down.


 Kitchen with tiled floor and ready for units to be fitted 

The first job on the kitchen fitting list was for the floor to be tiled, so the night before Steve and Carl the tilers were due we had to completely remove everything from the kitchen, desks, table, rugs and we then had to scrape all of the big splatters of dried plaster off of the screed so that it was flat for the tiles.

Once the floor was tiled we could arrange for the kitchen to be delivered and fitted and again everything had to be removed from the kitchen for this.


 Base units being fitted

They had been made to measure and arrived with each cupboard built and the AGA surround and chimney breast in sections, it was going to be quite a big job for "Messy Eddie" (as he became know) the kitchen fitter to build and fit the kitchen.



Alison trying out the imaginary sink and can you spot her doing a
"Kilroy was ere" impression?

For the two weeks that it took to fit the kitchen we lived around chaos, the boxes with the dishwasher and fridge stuck in the middle of the room along with the various joiners tools; and every evening once Messy had gone home we would then spend the next hour cleaning up after him and no matter what we did to try and cover things up we would still have to wash everything before we could use it to cook anything. 

Once Messy had finished fitting the kitchen templates were made of the granite worktops, these were then cut and fitted and the kitchen started to take shape.

Iestyn doing a "Keith Floyd" with a glass of wine and trying to cook in all of the clutter 

We then booked Steve and Carl the tilers to come back and tile under the cupboards in the kitchen and utility room and finally Tony and Craig the electricians could come back and fit all of the sockets, switches and downlights under the cupboards and above the AGA.


 Kitchen taking shape, Messy had almost finished and so the tidying up could soon begin


 A picture of the tiles in the finished utility room and three shots of the kitchen