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Caption competition

We thought it might be nice to give people the oportunity of thinking up the best caption to one of our photographs
just for a bit of fun.

The picture below of Alison armed with a tommygun was taken at the end of the evening (in the early hours of the morning to be exact) at the Gangsters and Molls fancy dress at the Dusty Miller pub in Wrenbury on new years eve 2006.

Here are a list of the caption competition entries:

Three sent in by Alisons mum Mae

Told you it wasn't Fancy Dress night !!!


Forgotten the balaclavas again Bugsy  ??????


When I say three  -  surround them  !!

Two sent in by Alison's dad David

"Hey wait aminute orficer, it wisney me..it's no even loadit !"


"One more crack like that an' I'll let yer 'ave it !"

One sent in by Iestyn's mum Valarie

I'm warning you, this is your last chance'


Some more suggestions sent in

What do you mean it's my turn to pay, I think not !!

But you didn't tell me it was fancy dress!

No, I think you'll find it's your turn to drive

What do you mean you DON'T serve whiskey here

I don't care what you say, I'm definitely having the Profiter roles !

It does have to be said when considering the entries sent in by Mae and David that both being Scottish, only they (and perhaps Alison) could do their captions justice and say them with that Rab C Nesbitt or Mary Hen accent!

We've judged the entries and the result is a tie between:

Forgotten the balaclavas again Bugsy  ?????? sent in by Mae

I'm warning you, this is your last chance'  sent in by Valarie

"Hey wait aminute orficer, it wisney me..it's no even loadit !" sent in by David

We are sure that they will be delighted with their prizes, they can each choose from any one of the following:

A steak and ale pie from Cholmondley Castle stores

6 assorted free range eggs from our very own Peekin and Polish hens

1 lb of fresh Well Cottage potatoes (you will need to bring your own fork to dig these up)


Email your captions to: Captions@well-cottage.org