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AGA installation

When we first embarked on our building project we decided to have an AGA in our kitchen and this was for a couple of reasons.

Firstly we have always wanted one and thought it would look right in the kitchen.

Secondly (and perhaps more importantly) because our electric supply is delivered part way to us via overhead cables, in the winter these often get damaged and we can have a power-cut lasting for a day or more at a time. Our AGA runs on oil and is gravity fed so there is no need for any electricity, as long as there is oil in the oil tank out in the garden then the AGA will run so that we can always cook or boil a kettle and because an AGA is permanently on it also acts as a giant radiator and heats the kitchen to the extent that we have never had to put the underfloor heating on in the kitchen.

AGA's are big, solid cast iron cookers and if  you have ever wondered how they are installed then you may be surprised to know that they come almost "flat-packed"
(well all in bits on a pallet to be exact).


Alison with her AGA

It took the AGA engineers a whole day to build the AGA for us and below are a selection of pictures as the build progressed


Here are some pictures of the finished AGA, it is strange how this suddenly became a focal point in the kitchen as soon as it was built, everyone who was working for us on the house would go straight over to the AGA as soon as they walked in and everyone would congregate around it even though it would still be another week before we had the oil tank installed so that we could get the AGA fired up and working.